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We welcome you to our hotel as you enlighten our abode with your warmth and smiley nature. We are truly grateful to you for your visit here and hope to have memorable moments throughout your visit. We take this opportunity to reassure you that our hotel's team will continue to not just provide the highest standards of service and comfort you have been so accustomed to, but exceeding your expectations will be our constant mission.

family styled restaurant offering fine dining, and authentic Indian cuisine located in 1st floor. The relaxed environment, with an array of cuisine offers and celebrates the best in Indian food. Popular for its tongue tingling taste and superior quality food, it's one of the finest haunts for connoisseurs.

On offer is a mouthwatering selection of traditionally cooked Indian dishes

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We wish to introduce ourselves as one of the best resort in Satna. Uma Club & Resort creates a benchmark of fine living and has expressed high standards in the art of hospitality in Satna.

It has retained the spirit and charm of the traditions of India and has blended these with the latest technology that the industry has to offer.


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A Hotel which is indeed classic as well as contemporary. Uma Resort is having the continued honor of serving many distinguished guests who have their appreciation of the high standards of hospitality and service.

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