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Whether you want to sample traditional North Indian specialties or dishes from across the globe, our chefs have created menus that are sure to delight. You can also choose from an assortment of stylish indian bars for a casual drink with friends, an aperitif before dinner, or an evening of live music and cocktails.

Conference Hall

A beautiful conference hall which can be converted to a 175 Pax Air Conditioned Banquet Hall


Under Construction

Ladies Club

Under Construction


Savour traditional specialties or gourmet dishes from around the world. Dine at Courtyard underneath a dazzling star studded sky or in the traditional elegance of our Asian-style restaurant with stunning Sky views. Create memories to last a lifetime as you dance the night away with friends and family in one of our stylish Restaurant.


Under Construction

Kitty Hall

A sophisticated hall for kitty parties
with the capacity of 15-20 pax

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